Moyer,Amanda Elise

Was the text you examined, in fact, rhetoric? Justify your answer using what we've read so far.

The text I examined within my paper, Ted Kennedy's "Truth And Tolerance In America", seems to be a piece of rhetoric in the terms we have discussed so far. The speech delivers a message - furthermore, the message is one of persuasion and includes a call to action supported by claims and evidence. Kennedy makes use of aesthetic language and other persuasive elements to convey his ultimate thesis.

What does your study teach someone about how the message studied worked as rhetoric?

I don't believe that my study exactly teaches readers about Edward Kennedy's speech as a piece of rhetoric. Although it assumes the message is "symbolic interaction" as well as public address, my paper does not analyze it technically as a piece of rhetoric. Given that this was the first paper written in ComS 100B (the final paper has been lost in time,) it is a given that this concept was further developed within the class; however, the characteristics that make a public address a piece of rhetoric are concepts that are still under construction in my educational experience. Although this paper identifies some defining terms such as context, it does not explain what makes this speech a piece of rhetoric.